SizeGenetics Vs. Phallosan Forte: Which Extender Is Better?

Do you often get confused with all the major male enhancement brands out there? With so many penis extenders on the market, it can be hard to keep track. In this article, I will compare three of the most well-known penis extenders to see which one really is the best.


It is a well-known fact that a large number of men are insecure about the size of their penis. Many of these men want to do something about this, and so they turn to male enhancement, and more specifically, to penis extenders. They are a popular device as they are comfortable and easy to use. The problem is choosing the right one for you.


We will look at the current top three penis extender brands (Pro Extender, Size Genetics, and Phallosan Forte) and compare them to find out which one is worth spending your hard earned cash on.


#1. Phallosan Forte


This extender has been approved as a medical device and tested in a bunch of clinical trials too. It has been found to increase penis size and sexual stamina, as well as treat curvature problems. It can also help men who are recovering from prostate surgery.


#2 Size Genetics


Size Genetics comes from a Danish company called Danamedic and has also had impressive results from its users.


#3 Pro Extender


Another Danish invention, this time from Dr. Jorn Ege, a Danish plastic surgeon. The Pro Extender is also a certified medical device and can increase the size of your penis and improve curvature and sexual stamina.


Time for the comparison!



The most expensive of the three is the Pro Extender, which retails for 399USD. The Size Genetics premium package actually retails for this price too, but you get a ton of accessories as well. The cheapest Size Genetics package is priced at 200USD. The Phallosan Forte is actually the cheapest of the three, coming in at 339USD. This includes a couple of extra parts and shipping too.



All three of these penis extenders are made with high-quality materials, which means they are all very durable and will last a long time. However, the Phallosan Forte comes out on top here due to how comfortable it is to use. The suction technique combined with the soft silicone sleeve makes it super comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time. You can even wear it while you sleep!




There is a 100% money back warranty on each of these devices, but they all have different return policies. Size Genetics gives you the longest amount of time at 6 months, then Pro Extender at 120 days, and finally Phallosan Forte, who only give you 14 days to return the device if you are not happy with it. The only drawback is that you have to provide proof – i.e. before and after photos – to get your money back.



All three of these brands produce top quality penis extenders, so if you are just looking to increase your size, you can’t go wrong with any of them. It just depends how much you are willing to spend.

Overall, the Phallosan Forte is the best value for money, as it is cheaper, more comfortable and just as, if not more effective than the other two.

Hopefully, this comparison has helped clear up any confusion, and you are that much closer to deciding which extender is right for you.


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